Whitepaper: Event Data versus Log Data, and the Difference between IT Security and Breach

Correlog_wp_Event_vs_log-20120116_4web_iconThis white paper is about:

SIEM (security information & event management) is considered by many analysts to be a mature, and crowded software vendors' market. The list of SIEM vendors is long and sub-categories within SIEM are many. With so many subject matter experts fighting the good fight, why then are we still seeing massive breaches and hacks into high-profile businesses and government organizations every week?

Having a SIEM system and collecting log data is a great start. However, if you cannot correlate the log data into scenarios (events) that depict potential threats, SIEM is going to be a disappointment for you. This paper details the importance of an "event" as it relates to SIEM.

Why is this of importance to you?

It is not enough to merely collect log data anymore. You need to uncover the meaning in the data that provides decision support for you to manage security threats and provide an audit trail for forensic analysis and compliance. It is impossible, however, to pour through millions of log messages looking for potential threats; you need some type of correlation and automation.

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