Real-Time Mainframe SIEM 101

Mainframe Cyber Threat is Real. 


SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) systems have long been the industry standard for enterprise network security, but the mainframe has been mostly left out of this predominantly distributed discipline. This paper is designed to be your launch pad for instituting a mainframe SIEM initiative and will provide four steps for ensuring malicious mainframe activity triggers a notification to the appropriate security systems and personnel in real time.

Mainframes Aren't Going Anywhere. 

Mainframes power many of the largest organizations worldwide:

  • 92% of Top 25 U.S. Retailers
  • 96% of Top 100 Global Banks
  • 84% of Top 25 Insurance Organizations
  • 71% of Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • 90% of Top 10 Global Life/Health Insurance Providers
  • 92% of World's Largest Airlines*

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*Glinda Cummings, IBM Sr. Security Product Manager, "The Myth of Mainframe Security,"

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