The Anatomy of a Mainframe Data Breach, and How to Fight Back

Excluding z/OS from Your IT Security Strategy Can Burn You. 

This executive summary from The Anatomy of Mainframe_GV-4approval-icon.jpgCorreLog illustrates the reality of mainframe cyber threat, what that looks like, and an overview of four CorreLog solutions CxOs and InfoSec managers can use to create a holistic and proactive InfoSec strategy that includes both distributed and mainframe network assets.

Mainframes Aren't Going Anywhere. 

Mainframes power many of the largest organizations worldwide:

  • 92% of Top 25 U.S. Retailers
  • 96% of Top 100 Global Banks
  • 84% of Top 25 Insurance Organizations
  • 71% of Global Fortune 500 Companies
  • 90% of Top 10 Global Life/Health Insurance Providers
  • 92% of World's Largest Airlines*

Download this whitepaper to learn about known mainframe breaches and how to extend real-time visibility to z/OS for security and compliance.

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*Glinda Cummings, IBM Sr. Security Product Manager, "The Myth of Mainframe Security,"

Anatomy of a Mainframe Data Breach Download